The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – April 14, 2021

2:00 – The Cardinals shock with a big offensive outing, while questions remain as to if the Blues and Avalanche will play

2:15 – Darren Dreger on the Blues not making a deadline move, how it impacts them the rest of the way and the overall difficulty of the Honda West division

2:30 – How do NFL teams swing and miss so bad when it comes to the NFL Draft?

2:45 – Whats Trending

3:00 – Is momentum a real thing in sports? Plus, how do the Blues combat Colorado’s top line?

3:15 – Is it all about fit in professional sports?

3:30 – Gary Bennett on Yadi’s 2,000 starts with the Cardinals, how he manages a game unlike other catchers and much more

3:45 – The Cardinals lack offense AND defense against the Nationals?

4:00 – The Gauntlet

4:15 – Brad Thompson on the Cardinals loss to the Nationals, what to do in the outfield and more.

4:30 – It’s simple… The Cardinals roster has too many holes.

4:45 – Sports Six Pack

5:00 – Top 5 at 5

5:15 – Bet the Board

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