The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – April 3, 2020 – What Are Icons Saying About Jack Flaherty? Plus, Dr. Tim Wiemken on Coronavirus Numbers and Proper Face Mask Use, Mt. Rushmore of Little Debbie's and More.

2:00 – What are the Cardinal icons saying about Jack Flaherty?

2:15 – Danny Mac joins to talk minor league salaries and the most talented Cardinal roster he’s seen

2:40 – Things that just don’t make sense

3:00 – An Astros player finally owned up to cheating in an acceptable manner

3:15 – Sports Six Pack

3:30 – Matt Holliday had high praise after working out with Nolan Arenado for a summer

3:45 – Thomas “Snacks” Lee on how one made three pointer changed his life, Little Debbie Mt. Rushmore and more

4:00 – Four O’clock Fight

4:15 – Chris Kerber on 101 ESPN’s “Play Gloria” feature and much more.

4:30 – Meat has a major issue with “Snacks'” Little Debbie Mt. Rushmore

4:45 – John Clayton on the Rams’ stadium issues, NFL schedule talk and what to expect for the Draft

5:00 – Take It Or Leave It

5:15 – Dr. Timothy Wiemken on the Coronavirus numbers, trends he is seeing and what people need to know about face masks.

5:45 – What’s Trending?