The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – August 24th, 2023

– Are some of these players changing the minds of the front office?

– How does Ohtani’s injury affect free agency?

– NFL 4 Downs

– What would you deem to be a successful offseason?

– Radio Voice of the Blues, Chris Kerber on the importance of having a Captain

– The 61-Hate speaks on Mo

– St. Louis City SC defender, Kyle Hiebert on what separates City SC from other clubs in the MLS

– Will Mo make the conservative move in the offseason?

– The Gauntlet

– Jarring news about the Gauntlet’s future

– The Cardinals NEED to be active in Free Agency

– Sports Six Pack

– What’s Trending

– One thing to look for: AFC West

– Biggest Question of the Day

– What You Missed

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