The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – December 2, 2019 – Mizzou Is Searching for a New Coach and Are The Patriots Really Done This Time? Plus, Meat Needs a Roller Derby Nickname

2:00 – Sounds of the weekend

2:15 – Barry Odom is gone, so what now for Mizzou?

2:30 – How are the Blues continuing to roll like they are?

2:45 – Sports Six Pack

3:00 – Dan Wolken on Mizzou’s search for a new coach and their place among the rest of the SEC

3:15 – What the Cardinals SHOULD be doing at the Winter Meetings

3:30 – Hot Topics

3:45 – Coaches need to get a grip

4:00 – Four O’clock Fight

4:15 – Our annual “are the Patriots done” segment

4:30 – Jeremy Rutherford on the Blues vs. Blackhawks, next man up mentalities and more

4:45 – How much of a splash does Mizzou have to make with a coaching hire?

5:00 – Take It or Leave It

5:15 – Freddie Kitchens is not an example of how to lead a team

5:30 – Moustakas is a Cincinnati Red, and they are getting good quickly

5:45 – Would You Rather