The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – February 12, 2020 – Updates on Jay Bouwmeester, Words We Can't pronounce and What If Matt Carpenter Has A Great Season?

2:00 – Jay Bouwmeester’s Anaheim scare and the rapid response by health professionals

2:15 – How do you “do your job” in such a difficult time?

2:30 – What if Matt Carpenter has a great offensive season?

2:45 – XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck on the first week of play and what he expects to come in the future

3:00 – What’s trending?

3:15 – Ned Colletti on how deals get done in MLB

3:30 – Doug Armstrong Press Conference on Jay Bouwmeester

3:45 – Reaction to Armstrong Press Conference

4:00 – Four O’clock Fight

4:15 – Greg Warren on his upcoming shows at The Funny Bone

4:45 – Sports Six Pack

5:00 – Take It Or Leave It

5:15 – Baseball’s new rules that will impact the 2020 season

5:30 – Alex Ferrario on the Bouwmeester incident and the radio coverage of it all

5:45 – Would You Rather