The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – February 17, 2020 – Adam Wainwright, John Gant and Dan McLaughlin join The Fast Lane live from Jupiter, FL!

Segment 1 – Welcome to Spring Training

Segment 2 – Cardinals righthander John Gant on his desire to start, working on specific pitches and much more

Segment 3 – Dan McLaughlin on Miles Mikolas’ arm issues, the outfield shuffle 
Segment 4 – Update on Jose Altuve tattoo and Astros cheating story 

Segment 5 – Players who HAVE to have a good Spring Training for the Cardinals 

Segment 6 – Sports Six Pack 

Segment 7 – Is there a such thing as “untouchable” athletes in sports? 
Segment 8 – Adam Wainwright’s charitable influence and being a mentor to younger players

Segment 9 – The schedule and regiment for Spring Training in today’s MLB 

Segment 10 – Mike Shildt press conference live from Spring Training 
Segment 11 – Jeremy Rutherford on the Blues’ struggles recently and how real the issues are becoming 

Segment 12 – What’s Trending 

Segment 13 – Crossover with Stalter and Rivers