The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – February 19, 2020 – Day 3 in Jupiter Brings Visits from Bill DeWitt Jr., Dylan Carlson, Adam Wainwright and Austin Gomber

Hour 1
– What we saw from Tuesday’s practice and The Fast Lane’s unique lunch experience 
– Adam Wainwright on getting feedback as a player, the importance of film and seeing technique and his efforts with Big League Impact. 
– Austin Gomber discusses coming back from an injury, speaking up about being hurt and trying to get back to letting it eat after the injury

Hour 2
– Which guys will have the most opportunity after the Miles Mikolas injury? 
– Dylan Carlson on waiting for his big league opportunity, how he has grown in the minors and how his dad’s coaching career helped him as a player 
– LeBron James and Aaron Judge speak out about Rob Manfred and apologies from Astros players 
– The importance of letting a pitcher do what he does best and not trying to change his style 
– Alex Ferrario on the Blues’ recent trade, defensive help  and getting back to winning ways

Hour 3
Hour 3
– Mike Shildt addresses the media before practice 
– Reaction to Mike Shildt comments 
– Sports Six Pack 
– Adam Wainwright’s reaction to rule changes and overall changes in the game

Hour 4
– The importance of knowing who you are as a player and having the confidence to be honest about injuries while battling for a job
– What’s Trending?
– Jack Flaherty had a phenomenal 2019 season… What are realistic expectations for 2020? 
– Bill DeWitt Jr. on his team’s spring, the current drama in MLB and his expectations for Dylan Carlson