The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – February 20, 2020 – Miles Mikolas, Willie McGee, Tyler Webb, Danny Mac and Adam Wainwright join The Fast Lane live in Jupiter

What stood out about Wednesday’s Cardinals workouts?

Is the left field position battle legit, or just a placeholder until Carlson is ready?

Bill DeWitt Jr. comments on the Cardinals not spending big in the off-season and the fan perception of it

Adam Wainwright joins to talk ping pong, BT’s non-organic apple and a comparable to Dakota Hudson

Willie McGee on the respect he has for the Cardinals coaching staff, why he wanted to coach and more.

Tyler Webb on his new-found love for photography, gettingmore comfortable as a pitcher, and the impact of his arrival in St. Louis on his career.

Miles Mikolas talks about recovery after his PRP injection, breaking down his teammates pitches and much more.

Dan McLaughlin talks Battlehawks, Cardinals spring training so far and much more

Sports Six Pack

Mike Shildt addresses the media in Jupiter, FL

What’s Trending?

Travis Ford talks SLU vs. VCU on Friday night and his team’s desire to bounce back from a tough loss

Crossover with Stalter and Rivers