The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – January 22, 2020 – Danny Mac, Derrick Goold Talk Marcell Ozuna. Plus, Is A Mahomes Super Bowl Inevitable at This Point?

2:00 – Marcell Ozuna… We will remember you.

2:15 – Derrick Goold on the Cardinals’ approach with Ozuna and DeWitt doubling down on not adding salary dollars.

2:30 – After steroid guys gained momentum, will current cheaters get same Hall of Fame treatment?

2:45 – Beware of the Phog… and chairs.

3:00 – Danny Mac on his relationship with Larry Walker, not adding around Goldy and more.

3:15 – Should Goldy be upset about the Cardinals not adding around him?

3:30 – Is a Super Bowl title inevitable for Patrick Mahomes?

3:45 – Hot Topics

4:00 – Four O’clock Fight

4:15 – Alex Ferrario on the Blues in All-Star Week and calling the alumni game

4:30 – Ozuna was apparently attainable. So why didn’t the Cardinals want in?

4:45 – Sports Six Pack

5:00 – Take It or Leave It

5:15 – How do the Cardinals plan for Dylan Carlson’s call-up?

5:30 – Would You Rather