The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – January 26th, 2023

2:00 – Blues look to bounce back vs Coyotes 

2:15 – Who have the Cards really mis-evaluated?

2:30 – What’s Trending

2:45 – Could you make the argument the Chiefs are the worst team among the remaining four?

3:00 – The NL Central sucks, but would the Cards’ approach change in another division?

3:15 – Radio Voice of the Blues, Chris Kerber on the Blues needing to find confidence

3:30 – Where are you right now on the Eagles and Niners?

3:45 – ROR: ‘I want to be here’

4:00 – The Gauntlet

4:15 – Could the Blues flip some picks and prospects for Chychrun? 

4:30 – Nugget of Truth or Overreaction

4:45 – Sports Six Pack

5:00 – Is there already a version of the Cardinals on the coast?

5:15 – If the Bengals win the Super Bowl, does Burrow overtake Mahomes as the best QB in the league heading into next season?

5:30 – Biggest Question of the Day

5:45 – What You Missed