The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – July 20th, 2023

– If the Cardinals win the series in Chicago, do they have to go for it?

– Has this season been a good thing for the organization?

– What can the rentals fetch you?

– Does this potential deal make sense for the Cardinals?

– What are the Cardinals telling us with their recent pitching signings?

– Radio Voice of the Blues, Chris Kerber on St. Louis’ bid to host the 2026 IIHF World Juniors tournament

– Contender or Pretender

– The Lineup Game

– The Gauntlet

– Why do the unknown players seem to have more success in the organization than the highly touted ones?

– Is the Cards’ ownership at fault for the team’s “model?”

– Sports Six Pack

– What’s Trending

– Can Waino have a legitimate role if the Cardinals are to make a second half comeback?

– Biggest Question of the Day & Beat the Streak

– What You Missed

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