The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – July 26th, 2023

– Do you have more faith in Matz?

– BT: Is this Flaherty’s last start as a Cardinal?

– Beat the Streak & Are the Cardinals waving the white flag with today’s lineup?

– Will Justin Herbert be worth the money?

– What would get you to pay attention the rest of the way?

– What do you want to see at the deadline?

– Why not trade Hicks and then re-sign him?

– Which players have the most riding on the 2023 NFL season?

– The Gauntlet

– Are the Blue Jays a good fit for the Cards? & How much would change if the bullpen was better?

– Sports Six Pack

– Is the DeJong market drying up?

– What’s Trending

– Could Jordan Hicks be one of your 5 starters in 2024?

– Biggest Question of the Day

– What You Missed

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