The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – July 28th, 2023

– BT: Mikolas ejection

– BT: Arenado trade rumors

– BT: Extension for Flaherty?

– BT: Who and what should the Cardinals be targeting at the deadline?

– What’s Trending

– Radio Voice of the Blues, Chris Kerber on Vladimir Tarasenko signing a 1-year, $5 million contract with the Ottawa Senators

– Narrative or Reality?

– Staff writer for The Athletic covering the Texas Rangers, Levi Weaver on what the Cardinals could get in return for Jordan Hicks

– The Gauntlet

– The Lineup Game

– Rangers are aggressively pursuing Hicks. Could the return outweigh an extension? 

– Sports Six Pack

– Cardinals Hall of Famer, Matt Holliday on the Nolan Arendo trade rumor to the Dodgers

– ESPN Baseball insider, Kiley McDaniel on what the Cardinals could get for Nolan Gorman in a trade

– Biggest Question of the Day & Beat the Streak

– Fade or Follow & What You Missed

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