The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – June 17, 2020 – Progress Towards A MLB Season? Rizz Show Tries to Ruin The Fast Lane.

2:00 – Is MLB nearing a deal with the players union? Kind of…

2:15 – What to make of the MLB negotiation news and the back and forth between sides

2:30 – Are the Royals the standard when it comes to minor league player treatment?

2:45 – Schedule ideas and more details on MLB and MLBPA negotiations

3:00 – What’s Trending?

3:15 – Rizzuto showed up and tried to ruin The Fast Lane

3:30 – BT vs. Rizzuto to defend The Fast Lane’s honor

3:45 – There’s a professional athlete who won’t follow social distancing

4:00 – The Gauntlet

4:15 – MLB is closer and closer to coming back!

4:30 – Alex Ferrario on the NHL’s restart plan compared to the NBA’s latest plan

4:45 – What is Rob Manfred’s legacy if baseball continues in 2020?

5:00 – How did we get here with MLB negotiations?

5:15 -How can the XFL find ‘St. Louis success’ in other markets?

5:30 – Sports Six Pack

5:45 – College football and basketball has a preseason plan