The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – June 18, 2020 – 'Deal or No Deal' in MLB. Plus, Bubble Life for NFL?

2:00 – Will MLB and the MLBPA ever agree?

2:15 – DH is happening in the NL

2:30 – What’s Trending?

2:45 – Is the NFL going to have to use a “bubble” system for 2020?
3:00 – Maury Brown on the current MLB negotiations and the idea that Scott Boras was causing problems with a deal

3:15 – More updates on MLB negotiations

3:30 – MLB Network’s top player in each position for every team.

3:45 – Yes, Matt Carpenter belong in the Cardinals’ best third baseman of all-time conversation
4:00 – The Gauntlet

4:15 – Scott Boras is allegedly ruining the MLB and MLBPA negotiations

4:30 – Chris Kerber on how the NHL can learn and copy the NBA’s bubble plan

4:45 – How cheap are Vegas hotel rooms right now?
5:00 – Updates on MLB negotiations and what each side is asking for

5:15 – What if MLB had to recruit players instead of draft them?

5:30 – Sports Six Pack

5:45 – Meat loses his mind