The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – June 23, 2021

2:00 – Thanks for the memories, Carl Gunnarsson

2:15 – Carl Gunnarsson on his career in St. Louis, his urinal conversation with Berube and much more 

2:40 – Baseball’s sticky ball monitoring is a total s*** show 

3:00 – Mark Mulder on his son’s “friendship” with Justin Timberlake, his take on foreign substances and why the game has lost him as a viewer

3:15 – What’s Trending 

3:30 – Former Braves pitching coach Leo Mazzone on foreign substances in MLB, using analytics and how baseball needs to fix some of its issues. 

4:00 – The Gauntlet 

4:15 – The Cardinals are BAD. Where do they go from here? 

4:30 – So what can the Cardinals actually do to help the rotation?

4:45 – Is Craig Berube losing too much of his core?

5:00 – Top 5 at 5 

5:15 – The Cardinals have no hope….  

5:30 – Sports Six Pack 

5:45 – Bet the Board