The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – June 3, 2020 – The Feud Continues Between MLB Owners and Players. Plus, Ryan Reaves Enjoys Making Kids Cry.

2:00 – Ken Rosenthal reports that MLB owners are not ready to counter the players 

2:15 – The NBA is set to approve a plan to finish the season. 

2:30 – Alex Ferrario on his house hunting process and what he thinks of a possible NHL return 

2:45 – Is Alex Reyes the Cardinal impacted most by a short/cancelled season? 

3:00 – Wayback Wednesday – TV Shows we loved 

3:15 – Ryan Reaves gives his thoughts on the NHL return and why he enjoys making kids cry playing video games. 

3:30 – NFL Best Bet 

3:45 – What’s Trending? 

4:00 – The Gauntlet 

4:15 – MLB owners are in biblical times 

4:30 – Anthony is really into KBO 

4:45 – Cardinals that have the most to prove in 2020 

5:00 – There’s a difference in agree to a plan and imposing a plan 

5:15 – Slam or Swat: NBA home-court advantage changes

5:30 – Sports Six Pack 

5:45 – When work Zoom videos go bad