The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – June 9, 2020 – Steve Stone Details Sammy Sosa's Rapid Weight Gain. Plus, Will the MLB Trade Market Open in 2020?

2:00 – Anthony was bit by a spider and the Rizz Show may be involved in Coffee-Gate

2:15 – Will the MLB trade market open up in 2020?

2:30 – Joey Vitale on the Blues’ biggest challenge when hockey returns

2:45 – MLB isn’t that profitable? Right…..
3:00 – Sports Six Pack

3:15 – Dalvin Cook wants Christian McCaffery money. Does he deserve it?

3:30 – When are the experts going to get comfortable returning to normal life regarding COVID-19?

3:45 – Man, I miss that.

4:00 – The Gauntlet

4:15 – There’s a right way, and there’s a wrong way

4:30 – Former Cubs broadcaster Steve Stone on Sammy Sosa’s weight gain in the bigs and steroid use in the 1970’s
5:00 – What’s Trending? 

5:15 – How will the pandemic impact the Cardinals in free agency? 

5:30 – Should NFL teams forget about ‘developing’ a young QB for a year? 

5:45 – Headlines that tripped us up