The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – March 31st, 2023

2:00 – BT: Did the Cardinals’ pitching spoil a great day?

2:15 – Blues Head Coach, Craig Berube on how well the Blues have been playing lately

2:30 – BT: Thoughts on Walker’s debut

2:45 – BT: Are you concerned about the Contreras injury?

3:00 – Could the Blues actually make a push for the playoffs?

3:15 – How troublesome will ‘pitch to contact’ be this season for the Cardinals?

3:30 – What’s Trending

3:45 – Will tomorrow’s match tell us how good CITY SC can be?

4:00 – The Gauntlet

4:15 – How does the Contreras injury affect this lineup early on?

4:30 – A different spin on Lamar

4:45 – Sports Six Pack Part I

5:00 – Sports Six Pack Part II

5:15 – Are the Blues further along in this retool than we thought?

5:30 – Biggest Question of the Day: What should we expect to see in the Final Four?

5:45 – Fade or Follow & What You Missed

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