The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – March 9, 2020 – The Blues Dominate Chicago in 2020, Sports Locker Room Access Changing, A Healthy Carlos Martinez in the Rotation, and much more.

2:00 – Jake The Snake gets ANOTHER shutout against Chicago

2:15 – Jack Flaherty takes a stand against MLB system, not the Cardinals

2:30 – What the heck happened to Yairo Munoz?

2:45 – The Blackhawks were the NHL’s standard, now the Blues are.

3:00 – Sports Six Pack

3:15 – Carlos is looking healthy as a starter, KK looks to have won a starting role for now.

3:30 – NFL Nation offers for Tom Brady

3:45 – What’s Trending?

4:00 – Four O’Clock Fight

4:15 – Dylan Carlson has been dominant, but the Cardinals don’t seem to be giving in to peer pressure

4:30 – Chris Kerber on the Blues’ dominance in net, Parayko’s recent run and limiting media access in NHL.

4:45 – The Coronavirus is closing sports locker rooms across the world

5:00 – Take It Or Leave It

5:15 – What If…

5:30 – Jeremy Rutherford on the latest media access news, Blues. vs. Panthers and more

5:45 – Would You Rather