The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – May 16th, 2023

2:00 – BT: Flaherty’s performance last night compared to his previous two starts

2:15 – BT: Did you see a difference in Contreras behind the plate last night?

2:30 – BT: Are the Cardinals maximizing Nolan Gorman?

2:45 – BT: Have the Cardinals found success with their matchups?

3:00 – What have we learned from the NHL playoffs thus far?

3:15 – What’s Trending

3:30 – Is this a feast or famine lineup?

3:45 – Are you okay trading O’Neill even if it means he turns into the next Arozarena?

4:00 – The Gauntlet

4:15 – The Lineup Game

4:30 – What’s the best way to structure a team cap-wise?

4:45 – Is this the Cardinals we expected to see all season?

5:00 – Sports Six Pack

5:15 – Thoughts on the Cards’ odd lineup

5:30 – Biggest Question of the Day: If Flaherty continues to pitch like he did last night, what does that look like for the Cardinals moving forward?

5:45 – Beat the Streak & What You Missed

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