The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – May 19, 2020 – What Does an 82-game Season Mean for The Cardinals Offense? Plus, Teach Us Tuesday and Job Requirements for Fans

2:00 – What does an 82-game season mean for the Cardinals offense? 

2:15 – Job Requirements for being a fan 

2:30 – Joey Vitale on the 24-team playoff idea and the reality of it working 

2:45 – What implications do today’s decisions have on tomorrow’s MLB player?
3:00 – MLB owners are continuing to shape the narrative 

3:15 – Sports Six Pack 

3:30  – K.C. Johnson on his run covering the 90’s Bulls and the memoirs of Jerry Krause 

3:45 – What about the kids?!
4:00 – Four O’Clock Fight 

4:15 – Pick me out a winner, Bobby! ‘Cardinals edition’

4:30 – Rachel Luba on being Trevor Bauer’s agent, media relations and her unique approach to representation 

4:45 – What’s Trending? 
5:00 – Managing Carpenter and Fowler in a shortened season 

5:15 – Say what comes to mind first 

5:30 – Horace Grant thinks MJ’s ‘Last Dance’ documentary is BS

5:45 – What other athletes could play in another pro sport?