The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – May 27, 2020 – Andrew Brandt Takes the Players' Side in MLB Negotiations as a Former Front Office Member

2:00 – The MLB Owners’ proposal to players is a joke

2:15 – A deeper dive into MLB negotiations

2:30 – Over/Under

2:45 – The Rizzuto show is the absolute worst

3:00 – Alex Ferrario on the 24-team playoff plan and St. Louis not being selected as a hub city

3:15 – Does the round robin actually benefit the Blues?

3:30 – The Cardinals are stocking up with position player depth

3:45 – Sports Six Pack

4:00 – Andrew Brandt tells why his front office mindset is making him side with MLB players

4:15 – The Gauntlet

4:30 – The owners are better than the union, so how can the union improve?

4:45 – What’s Trending?

5:00 – NHL players want families involved in season finale…. Will this be a major hurdle?

5:15 – Would you look at a teammate differently for not playing during a pandemic?

5:30 – Quit ragging on me! Players that should get more love.

5:45 – Meat was doing so good… until now.