The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – November 14th, 2023

– Have we seen a full “buy-in” from the Blues in this recent stretch?

– TNF: What the hell did we watch last night?

– What can we expect to see moving forward in sports after the Adam Johnson incident?

– NFL Stock Market: Buy, Sell, or Hold

– How big of a factor is the 4th line as an identity line for the team

– Are You Sold?

– Blues Q’s

– Jamie’s Keys to the Game & First Goal of the Game

– The Gauntlet Playoffs

– How should Cardinal fans interpret John Mozeliak’s message when it comes to the offseason?

– Sports Six-Pack Part I

– Sports Six-Pack Part I

– What’s Trending

– How much can the Cardinals improve if they have to resort to Plan B?

– Blues Radio Analyst, Joe Vitale on what stood out about the Blues power play against Colorado

– What You Missed

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