The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – November 15th, 2023

– Are the Blues fully bought in?

– What does a #9 ranking mean for Mizzou?

– Prove Me Wrong

– Should you mortgage the future for a QB?

– Did Armstrong recognize the problem and fix it?

– Stalter Stackup

– Blues insider from The Athletic, Jeremy Rutherford on if the Blues “buy-in” is leading to success

– Will Deshaun Watson’s contract go down as the worst in sports history?

– The Gauntlet Playoffs

– If Skip was given the exact same roster as Marmol was last year, are the results different?

– Sports Six-Pack Part I

– Sports Six-Pack Part II

– What’s Trending

– NFL Fill in the Blank

– Biggest Question of the Day

– What You Missed

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