The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – November 17, 2020

2:00 – Theo Epstein steps away from the Cubs, does that mean a fire sale is coming to Chicago?

2:15 – How does Theo leaving the Cubs affect the Cardinals going forward?

2:30 – Why does Matt Nagy still have a job after the Bears abysmal performance on MNF? Plus a Fast Lane member must be punished.

2:45 – Stay or Go: Should Jim Harbaugh be Michigan’s Head Coach next season

3:00 – What tier are the Cardinals Free agents and what does that mean about them this offseason?

3:15 – What’s Trending?

3:30 – Play, Cut, or Bench

3:45 – Bet The Board

4:00 – The Gauntlet

4:15 – Do the Cardinals have a blueprint they can steal from the SF Giants? Plus, some stadium renovations?

4:30 – Is the Dewallet really closed?

4:45 – National MLB writer for Baseball America Kyle Glaser, on why Theo Epstein decided to step away from the Cubs now.

5:00 – Is it fair for the Cardinals to not spend this offseason?

5:15 – What is the Cardinals offseason nightmare?

5:30 – Sports Six Pack

5:45 – Recap and wrap up