The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – October 12, 2020 – Torey Krug Is A Blue And Alex Pietrangelo Is Still On The Market

2:00 – Jamie Rivers let the whole team down.

2:15 – Jamie Rivers on the Krug deal and why he thinks Krug fits into Berube’s scheme

2:30 – Prophecies and lies

2:45 – Doug Armstrong had no time to wait around for Petro to make a decision

3:00 – What’s Trending

3:15 – Dak Prescott’s future is up in the air. Should Dallas make a move for a replacement this season?

3:30 – Is Craig Berube going to adapt to Army’s blueprint?

3:45 – Did Mizzou’s win vs. LSU start a new culture and era of Tiger football under Drinkwitz

4:00 – The Gauntlet

4:15 – Jeremy Rutherford with the latest on the Petro free agent search and what the Blues have added with Torey Krug

4:30 – More Krug reaction and takeaway from NFL week 1

4:45 – Bet The Board

5:00 – What can Torey Krug add to the power play?

5:15 – NFL Week 5 Superlatives

5:30 – Sports Six Pack

5:45 – Recap and wrap up

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