The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – October 17, 2019 – Randy and Ronge Get Heated, Chris Singleton, Darren Pang and Kyle Elfrink Join The Show

2:00 – The Cardinals are ALWAYS thinking long-term.

2:15 – If long-term is the thought process, what does the future look like for Tommy Edman?

2:30 – Darren Pang on the Blues coming back home and Jordan Binnington’s early struggles

2:45 – What If…

3:00 – Multiple NFL contenders are showing their flaws

3:15 – Sports Six Pack

3:30 – Mo’s toughest off-season challenge is ahead, and Waino return can help it.

3:45 – Kyle Elfrink answers your fantasy football questions

4:00 – Four O’Clock Fight

4:15 – If the Cardinals are always thinking long-term, what does a “win now” mindset look like?

4:30 – Hot Topics

4:45 – Chris Singleton on the ALCS, Cardinals off-season plans and more around MLB

5:00 – Take It Or Leave It

5:15 – Petro’s drop in ice time is a GOOD thing for the Blues

5:30 – As good as it was, what has to change with the Cardinals pitching staff?

5:45 – What did you learn today?