The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – October 2, 2019 – Full Show

2:00 – Let’s bask in the Blues glory a little longer…

2:15 – Barry Melrose on the Blues run, their return to dominance and more.

2:30 – How worried should we be about Andrew Miller in the postseason?

2:45 – Hot Topics
3:00 – The Cardinals and Braves have a lot of similarities.

3:15 – Blues Exec. VP and Chief Revenue Officer Steve Chapman on the return of the season, the All-Star game and more

3:30 – Brian Lawton on the Blues returning their roster and the Faulk acquisition.

3:45 – Doc Emrick on the verbs in his broadcast, his love for Barclay, and the art of a great hockey call.
4:00 – Four O’Clock Fight

4:15 – Bernie Federko on his summer of celebrating, the return of Blues hockey and his pride as an alumni.

4:30 – In the MLB postseason, the impossible is no such thing.

4:45 – Sports Six Pack
5:00 – Take It Or Leave It

5:15 – Chris Kerber on the impact of the Faulk deal and the Home Opener.

5:30 – Is this the best goalie situation the Blues have had?

5:45 – Would You Rather