The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – September 28th, 2023

– Was last night a clear indication that the Cardinals need to continue working on defensive fundamentals?

– Cardinals Hall of Famer, Matt Holliday on working on baseball fundamentals during the season

– What direction is the game of hockey going in?

– Thursday Night Football Preview

– NHL Central Division Preview: Wild

– Sports Six Pack

– Should the Cardinals take a page out of the Yankees play book?

– Hot Take or Hot Garbage

– The Gauntlet

– What do the Cardinals, Mets, Padres, Yankees, and Red Sox all have in common?

– NFL Better Bet

– What could hinder the forward group for the Blues this season?

– What’s Trending

– Radio Voice of the Blues, Chris Kerber on the Blues adding physicality to the roster

– Biggest Question of the Day

– What You Missed

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