The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – September 29, 2020 – The Chiefs Can't Be Touched. Plus, Who Will Be The Postseason "Hero" For The Cardinals?

2:00 – The Chiefs win, and Meat still gets shot in the butt

2:15 – Adam Wainwright gets the nod to start in G2 vs. San Diego. Was it the right move? 

2:30 – The NFL has it’s first COVID problem. How can they manage it? 

2:45 – What If…

3:00 – What’s Trending

3:15 – Let’s pick a postseason hero for the Cardinals 

3:30 – NFL games are won and lost Wednesday-Saturday 

3:45 – Reverse engineering – How do the Cardinals and Padres attack each other?

4:00 The Gauntlet 

4:15 – What has to happen for the Cardinals to make a postseason run? 

4:30 – MLB confidence index 

4:45 – Bet The Board 

5:00 – Why were people so sold on the Ravens beating the Chiefs? 

5:15 – Sports Six Pack 

5:30 – Jason Isringhausen on helping young guys through the postseason, the Cardinals pitching decisions and more