The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – September 3, 2020 – Jake Allen Bids St. Louis Farewell

2:00 – Mike Shildt’s trust in the young guys didn’t pay off… this time.

2:15 – What would your Cardinals OF rotation look like?

2:30 – Jake Allen discusses his legacy in St. Louis, going “home” to Montreal and much more.

2:45 – Reaction to Jake Allen interview

3:00 – What’s Trending

3:15 – Audio Throwback: Tony La Russa on taking the ball from Tom Seaver

3:30 – Chris Kerber on the Blues’ investment in Jordan Binnington and continued issues in the bubble

3:45 – This or that: NFL style

4:00 – The Gauntlet

4:15 – What will it take for Matt Carpenter to lose reps?

4:30 – John Clayton with all kinds of information on Alvin Kamara

4:45 – Bet The Board

5:00 -Double-headers are coming like crazy. How do the Cardinals manage it? 

5:15 – The Blues are now all-in with Jordan Binnington. Are we okay with that? 

5:30 -Sports Six Pack 

5:45 – Recap and Wrap Up 

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