The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane – September 7th, 2023

– Where did this offense come from?

– Blues forward, Brayden Schenn on leadership and preparing for the upcoming NHL season

– The Lineup Game

– Are we about to learn how important play-calling is in the NFL?

– Does Dakota Hudson work as your 5th starter for next season?

– Radio Voice of the Blues, Chris Kerber on Robert Thomas becoming a leader on and off the ice

– NFL Division Preview: AFC West

– Sports Six Pack

– The Gauntlet

– Is this what we envisioned this team looking like at the start of the year?

– Prove Me Wrong

– NFL Division Preview: NFC West

– What’s Trending

– NFL Week 1 Pick’Em Challenge

– Biggest Question of the Day & Beat the Streak 

– What You Missed

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