The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane w/ Michelle Smallmon & Chris Kerber – December 22nd, 2022

2:00 – Welcome in Smallmon and Kerbs!
2:15 – Can the Blues rebound tomorrow night in Vegas without Kyrou?
2:30 – Does giving away the first overall pick make sense for CITY SC? + Blues Head Coach, Craig Berube on the Blues needing to play the right way consistently

3:00 -Did Steve Cohen single handedly ruin Major League Baseball moving forward? 
3:15 – Is the state of officiating at an all time low?
3:30 – What’s Trending
3:45 – Where does the Pavel Buchnevich trade rank among some of Armstrong’s best?

4:00 – The Gauntlet
4:15 – Write the Headline!
4:30 – Vegas Golden Knights TV Voice, Dave Goucher on how other teams view the Blues
4:45 – Am I Crazy?

5:00 – St. Louis CITY SC’s 9th overall pick, Owen O’Malley on being the first Super Draft pick for the organization
5:15 – Sports Six Pack
5:30 – Ya’ll got any rizz?
5:45 – Fade or Follow & What You Missed

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