The Opening Drive

The Opening Drive – August 23rd, 2023

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7:00 – Cardinals-3 Pirates-6

Wiano was cruising through 4.0IP with just 1ER when the bottom of the 5th happened.

Final Line→4.2IP 7H 6ER 1BB 3K 1HR

White Sox shake up their front office after another year of struggles

7:15 – Ask Uncle Randy

7:30 – Should other MLB franchises do a better job of emulating the Cardinals business model? Based on John Angelos saying the Orioles need to dramatically raise ticket prices to keep their players.



8:00 – Fresh Take: How important is team chemistry? If Willson Contreras is on his own at events, is that a red flag?


8:30 – The Fight

8:45 – Rush Hour Reset

9:00 – New ESPN Radio morning show host Michelle Smallmon join her old time spot to talk about her journey from STL to weekends to the bigtime


9:15 – Rocc and Roll 

9:30 – Wednesdays with Waino with Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright to talk about his struggles last night and tell a story that encapsulates all his reasons for his charity and outreach work

9:50 – We gotta go!

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