The Opening Drive

The Opening Drive – January 23th, 2023

7:00 – Week update from a full weekend of Blues, NFL & CBB

7:15 – Three Things We Loved from the Weekend

7:30 – Prices aren’t getting cheaper and the Lopez deal show that trades aren’t either. With at least 3 rotation spots in question for next year, are the Cardinals going to be in trouble after 2023?

7:45 – TIOLI

8:00 – Fresh Take: What was the biggest takeaways from Divisional around?

8:15 – Chris Kerber on the Blues effort level versus the Blackhawks and the goaltending weakening a little

8:30 – The Fight

8:45 – Greg Asminger sees the Cardinals late-2023 outfield as pretty set, but not including Lars Nootbaar–will Noot still be a big factor for the Cardinals after Walker comes up?

9:00 – Today’s Big Thing: Does the Blues’ failure to show up against the Blackhawks on Saturday send a message about the season goals for the Blues?

9:15 – Rocc & Roll

9:30 – Mike Martz talks about the NFL Divisional Rounds and how the big games have already affected his thoughts on the championship matchups

9:45 – What’s on tap?

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