The Opening Drive

The Opening Drive – March 27th, 2023

7:00 – Weekend Wrap-up

L.A. Kings-7  Blues-6, Blues were down 5-1 after the first, but made it a game with 3 in the second

STL City SC-4 Real Salt Lake-0, Roman Burki with the clean sheet as City pushes their expansion team record to 5-0. Goals from Nicholas Gioaccchini, two from Klauss and Rasmus Alm opens his MLS account

Houston Astros-24 Cardinals-1 Flaherty → 3.2IP 4H 6ER 3BB 1K Packy makes the roster & then gets rockers→ 0.2IP 5H 5ER 1BB 0K

Final Four is set for next Saturday, UConn vs. Miami & FAU vs. San Diego State

Battlehawks-29  Las Vegas Vipers-6 McCarron→ 23/29 236 3TD 0INT

7:15 – Three Things we loved from the Weekend

7:30 – Jordan Walker makes the opening day roster. What do you expect of him?


8:00 – Fresh Take: Should the Cardinals get some credit for having Jordan Walker up for their opener?

8:15 – Chris Kerber on the Blues weekend, the defense continuing to struggle & the strong play of the new Blues vs. the old Blues

8:30 – The Fight

8:45 – Is City’s start the most surprising run by a STL team?

-1999 Rams

-2011 Cardinals

-2019 Blues

-1974 Big Red start 7-0

-1985 Cardinals, Whitey was supposed to be the first manager fired

9:00 – Today’s Big Thing: Rush Hour Reset

9:15 – CONTROLLED CHAOS: STL CITY SC GK Roman Burki talks about his second straight clean sheet, the MOTM fight & the continued domination of CITY’s system

9:30 – PANIC BUS: Jack Flaherty has us grabbing the keys and heading for the driver’s seat…

9:45 – Rocc & Roll

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