The Opening Drive

The Opening Drive – March 3rd, 2023

7:00 – Blues finally break their losing streak with big games from Buchnevich, Kyrou & Parayko, the Cardinals lose big and a BIG win for the Illini

7:15 – Moon from 105.7 The Point & Soccer 101 joins the show to talk about the early reactions to CITY

7:30 – Jay Delsing talks about the big changes for Ricky & the next big live broadcast for Jay’s show

7:45 – TIOLI

8:00 – Fresh Take: Carey, Randy and Brooke each put together an eight man Cardinal bullpen…

8:15 – CITY Chief Experience Officer Matt Sebek talks about all the events around the opener tonight and throughout Saturday


8:30 – The Fight

8:45 – Joey Vitale talks about the Blues newest move for Jakub Vrana

9:00 – Today’s Big Thing: How did the Blues take a big jump on the PP? And will Vrana earn a spot on the Blues in these next 20 games?

9:15 – NFLPA team rankings from The Athletic–which rankings are surprising us the most?

9:30 – Finalist of Jersey Mike’s Naismith Courage Award and Belleville East High School senior Jackson Muse

9:45 – Rocc and Roll

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