The Opening Drive

The Opening Drive – May 31st, 2023

7:00 – Cardinals-2 Royals-1

Mikolas with a gem→8.0IP 3H 0ER 1BB 10K

Is this staff coming around?

7:15 – Ask Uncle Randy

7:30 – After 19 games in 19 days, how important are two days off now? And if Greenies were allowed, would this even be an issue?


7:45 – TIOLI

8:00 – Today’s Fresh Take: How stupid are the Arizona Cardinals for cutting D’Andre Hopkins, and what is the best landing spot for him?


8:30 – Miami Dolphins OT Terron Armstead on his first year in Miami & his upcoming football camp in town

8:45 – The Fight


9:15 – Rocc ‘n Roll

9:30 – Wednesdays with Waino with Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright talking about the odd schedule, Mikolas’ dominance & why he’s confident his game is coming around

9:45 – Did Waino’s comments on his game turning around give you more confidence in addition to Flaherty & Mikolas’ recent play?

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