The Opening Drive

The Opening Drive – November 17th, 2023

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7:00 – Blues-1 Sharks-5 — Ravens-34 Bengals-20 — Ohtani and Acuna both win their respective league’s MVP votes unanimously

7:15 – The FA pitching demand is going to be higher than the supply, which means prices are gonna go up–Will the Cardinals adjust and then reach their ‘puke point’?

7:30 – Former PGA Tour Pro Jay Delsing on Rory leaving the board and the recent no-mans-land for FORMER-LIV golfers

7:45 – TIOLI

8:00 – Fresh Take: Are we worried about the rest of the Blues road trip after a terrible loss & the continued failings of the PP?

8:15 – Mizzou RB Cody Schrader on growing from a lack of confidence to a record-breaker in the SEC

8:30 – The Fight

8:45 – What does Michigan’s acceptance of Harbaugh’s suspension mean going forward?

9:00 – Rush Hour Reset

9:15 – The View from Vitale: Joey Vitale on screwing up his name & the importance of sleep

9:30 – It’s “Prove It’ week in the NFL for almost all the playoff hopefuls–which team has the most to prove

9:45 – Rocc and Roll: THE BETTING SLIP

10:00 – Charissa Thompson now has a statement about her quotes–does this make any sense–does it make it any better?

10:15 – Could the Cardinals be–RELATIVELY-less impacted by the Diamond/Bally problem than other mid-market (read: Non-NY, CHI, LA teams) franchises?+ The Las Vegas A’s are the next domino in MLB’s bid to expand…

10:30 – Rocc’s Hill to Die On

10:45 – Life lessons from Joey Vitale

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