The Opening Drive

The Opening Drive – October 18th, 2022

7:00 – The Guardians-Yankees game somehow got postponed for the second time in this short 5-game series, and how hot is the seat for Nathaniel Hackett after another Denver oss

7:1 5 – The Blues may never have the depth of 18-19 ever again, but is this 22-23 roster comparable?

7:30 – Four Downs from NFL Week 6

7:45 – TIOLI

8:00- Fresh Take: Alexa has a strong opinion how the Cardinals spending for this next offseason–do you agree?

8:15 – Darren Pang talks about the early returns from Blues one game in, getting ready for tomorrow night in Seattle

8:30 – The Fight

8:45 – Mike Claiborne talks NBA starting off, the Cardinals offseason needs & the stark difference between Missouri & Illinois

9:00 – Today’s Big Thing: 3+ years from now the Big Ten & SEC will look even different than they do today and Mizzou and the illini will be playing against in football–what is the outlook for each program between now and then?

9:15 – Rock & Roll NBA Preview

9:30 – Over/Under results and it looks like Randy has *something* to gloat over

9:45 – What’s on tap?

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