The Opening Drive

The Opening Drive – October 25th, 2022

7:00 – The Blues don’t really show-up, save for the PK, in Winnipeg and fall for the first-time this season, 4-0, while we got an odd game on MNF…Carey, Randy & Rocc react to yesterday’s attack in STL.

7:15 – 4 Downs from NFL Week 7

7:30 – Michelle Smallmon swings y in studio to talk Cardinals, MLB playoffs and a hot Illini football start

7:45 – Michelle sticks around for TIOILI!

8:00 – Coach Bielema gets cut off by technology so Randy & Carey break down the pleasant surprise from Illinois so far and what to expect this weekend in Nebraska

8:15 – Reaction to the Blues slipping up in Winnipeg

8:30 – The Fight

8:45 – Mike Claiborne in studio for three whole segments talking Illini football, Cardinals problems, how they might attack the offseason and how the big beats like O’Neill & Flaherty could play, plus his thoughts on the struggles from Mizzou’s football program and the best memories from his almost 40 years and counting in the broadcasting world

9:30 – Darren Pang talks about the Blues dud, the strong debut from Greiss and what to watch for at home vs. Oilers tomorrow

9:45 – What’s on tap?

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