The Opening Drive

The Opening Drive – September 12th, 2023

7:00 – Orioles-11 Cardinals-5

Hudson gets the loss, bullpen continues to struggles

 Buffalo Bills-16 New York Jets-22

Jets start the game & their season with disaster as Aaron Rodgers tears his achilles just five plays into his Jets career–get SOME happiness after game-winning punt return TD for the win in OT

7:15 – NFL News

Is this the WORST-EVER season opening injury in sports history?



8:00 – Fresh Take: Could Rodgers injury shake up the AFC Playoff Race? Could Tua & the Dolphins be the biggest winner in the AFC East last night?

8:15 – CITY SC All-Star defender Tim Parker on the questions around handballs & an emotional return to Houston

8:30 – The Fight

8:45 – Is there a second-half Cardinal that’s changed their 2024 plan, for better or for worse?

9:00 – Rush Hour Reset

9:15 – From current AFC QB’s, pick your next Manning vs. Brady, and tell us why.

It’s all Mahomes…but who’s the top pick for his real rival?

9:30 – Cardinal LHP Steven Matz on trying to return before time runs out and enjoying life in and around St. Louis

9:45 – Rocc ‘n Roll 

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