The Opening Drive

The Opening Drive – September 26th, 2022

7:00 – HE DID IT! Albert Pujols hit 700 and then everything else that happened afterwards was either sad or weird…

7:15 – Start one, Bench one, Cut One

7:30 – Three things we loved from the weekend…take a wild guess what #1 is for, probably, the entire city of St. Louis

7:45 – TIOLI

8:00 – Fresh Take: Greg-stradamus Amsinger on his incredible prediction, the history from Friday and the Cardinals going forward

8:15 – Chris Kerber breaks down the Blues first preseason game and what to watch for against the Stars tonight

8:30 – The Fight

8:45 – One of the few people to play with half of the 700 HR Club, Royal manager Mike Matheny

9:00 – Today’s Big Thing: Early takeaways from Sunday Week 3 in the NFL

9:15 – Rock and Roll

9:30 – Radio voice of the Cardinals John Rooney the moment of 699 & 700

9:45 – TV voice of the Cardinals Dan McLaughlin on letting Rooney take the moment and trying to put some perspective on the historical moment of 700

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