Tune in on Fridays for your chance to play “Fade Or Follow” with The Fast Lane – courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook!

Listen on Fridays starting at 2pm for your cue to text in to The Fast Lane at 65780 for your chance to play. Texter 101 will be chosen to go on-air with the guys and play “Fade or Follow” in which The Fast Lane crew will make a “pick” on a specific upcoming game taking place that weekend (i.e. NFL, MLB, etc.)

The caller will have the choice to “Fade” or “Follow” their pick. On the Monday following, it will be revealed if the listener chose correctly. If they did, the listener will receive a $50 cash prize and the chance to call in again that following Friday and play again!

As long as the listener continues to choose correctly, they will get to play again each Friday on a “winning streak” with an additional $50 cash prize awarded for each correct weekly pick! See the contest rules HERE.

Rick from O’Fallon, MO – 5 Week Streak ($250 Won)