Golic and Wingo

With the departure of Mike and Mike in the morning, a new show has risen: Golic and Wingo. Mike Golic and Mike Golic Jr. join co-host Trey Wingo to bring you a mix of quality sports discussion, up to the minute news and information and entertainment!

Calling on the ESPN family of experts for breaking local and national sports news and information, you’ll never be left wondering what’s happening in the world of sports. So whether you enjoy detailed discussion on serious sports subjects or laughing so hard that you’re practically reduced to tears, Golic and Wingo offers a little bit of everything for everyone and we’re sure they’ll make your morning commute a lot more enjoyable.

Tune in and find out for yourself. Hear the show weekdays from 5-7AM on 101 ESPN or watch it as it unfolds on ESPN 2.