HD Radio: What is it?
All you need to experience (HD) digital radio technology (with near CD quality sound, twice the fidelity of satellite radio and still free) is an HD compatible receiver to start enjoying the increased fidelity and reception. Plus, HD allows radio stations the ability to offer a second digital program through multicasting.

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How does it work?
We bundle our traditional analog and new digital audio signal together on the same frequency to serve both traditional analog radios and new HD receivers. Whichever tuner you have will automatically discern which signal to use.

Increased Fidelity equals near CD- quality sound
Digital technology allows a radio station to transmit more data in the same amount of bandwidth. Primarily, this means higher quality sound, but there are other benefits too, such as our multicast signal offering our Deep Cuts programming in rich, hi-fidelity sound.

Digital also means improved reception
The digital signal is less vulnerable to reception problems. The radio tuner’s digital processors eliminate the static, pops, hisses, and fades sometimes present in analog signals caused by interference. Multipath distortion, caused by the radio signal being reflected off of buildings and other surrounding obstructions, is completely removed. With HD digital radio you hear only clear, clean, rich sound.

Should you lose the digital signal for some reason (obstructing terrain, nearing the edge of the broadcast area, etc.), HD Radio technology defaults back to analog mode, similar to the way current radios switch from stereo to mono mode when receiving a weak signal.

How much do HD compatible receivers cost and where can I buy one?
Prices vary depending on features and between manufacturers and will come down as more manufacturers bring HD products to market. To get the latest information on tuners and costs visit www.ibiquity.com/hdradio/hdradio_wheretobuy.htm.

More information is available at www.hdradio.com

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