1-10. So, what’s the problem?

So the Rams are 1-10 after their 27-17 loss to Seattle on Sunday at the Edward Jones Dome.

According to Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo, the effort is there. “There’s some things there obviously that didn’t go our way. I believe in the fight in this team, I told them that, I do believe in them. I’ll fight with them any time. I don’t think there was any quit there.”

Good. Nice to know the effort is there.

When asked if the team just isn’t good enough, if there’s not enough talent, Spagnuolo said “I would never say that because I believe in the guys we have there and we’ll keep fighting. In this league, anybody can beat anybody on any given Sunday. Are we banged up? Yeah, but that’s no excuse for losing and I don’t think our guys would use that as an excuse.”

Nice to know that any team, even the Rams, can beat any team on any given Sunday. But if the effort is there, and the talent is there, what’s that leave as the possible problem for a 1-10 team?