A Ram’s quarterback’s tale of woe

Man, what a sad story.

The Rams quarterback, who’s been pounding the rock for a decade, pouring his heart and soul…let alone his head and limbs, into football.

But in the off season in which he turns 33, the Rams say…despite the fact that he’s in the middle of a big contract…”we’re moving in a different direction at the QB position.”

Is this fair? A guy that’s been to multiple Pro Bowls? A guy that’s among the most accurate passers in league history? A guy that was the fastest in league history to 1,000 completions? A guy that helmed The Greatest Show on Turf? Doesn’t seem like very good treatment for a guy that’s put as much into a franchise as he has, does it?

Nope, it’s not fair.

But, this is actually TWO stories.

Six years ago, the Rams released Kurt Warner,


who was about to turn 33 years old. The ultra-competitive Warner never had the pilot light go out, signed with the Giants, then Arizona, and returned to the Super Bowl. After leaving St. Louis, Warner played himself into a Hall of Fame career.

Today, Jim Thomas reports in The Post-Dispatch and that Marc Bulger


may be cut, or even beat the Rams to the punch by retiring.

Warner had money, a ring, another NFC Championship, status and stats. But, despite the injuries and the setbacks, his boundless desire kept him going. Now, after getting Arizona…ARIZONA…into a Super Bowl, he’s in the playoffs AGAIN.

Bulger has money. But when he left St. Louis Warner had twice as many Super Bowls as Bulger has playoff wins. Let’s hope that despite the injuries and setbacks, Bulger finds the competitive desire inside to keep going, bounce back, and go out on a high note, like his predecessor with the Rams is doing.