American East Conference Coaches should be ashamed

Lets talk about adults and kids, shall we?

There’s a conference called the American East, and one of their teams is Binghamton. Binghamton’s best player is a kid…a kid named D.J. Rivera. He led the conference in scoring at 20.2 points a game, and did so for the best team in the conference. At this time of year, Rivera could expect to perhaps be named the conference player of the year and certainly bevoted to the all conference team, right? Wrong.

Why? Because, according to the New York Times, Binghamton coach Kevin Broadus has recruited a group of players that are of questionable backgrounds. And coaches in the American East don’t like that. So what do those coaches do to punish Broadus? They don’t vote Rivera or any of his teammates from the best team in the conference onto the all-conference team.

Rivera sat out a semester at St. Joseph’s because of bad grades, and then did not have to sit out a season because of the NCAA’s hardship waiver rule.

So the league coaches blamed and punished Rivera.

“It wasn’t a protest toward the kid at all,” said Patrick Nero, the America East commissioner. “It was a protest toward the NCAA in allowing him to be eligible. Ummm…you’re kidding, right? Let’s protest the NCAA by punishing a 20 year old…withholding him from the all-conference team.

Really…in the American East…who are the adults…and who are the kids?